The Unspoken Workflow with the “Tech Savvy”

I recently rediscovered this humorous flowchart that I saved from your XKCD web site in 2010.

Sharing it with several of the Edublogs Local community proved that Other individuals also acquired a chuckle out of it.

This got me thinking.


How come many of us come across this humorous?

Possibly since, like lots of humour, it puts into text an idea that is clear into a pick group of us but almost never spoken about?


Where by did you study these methods?

How could it be that they are the steps that Many people observe but no person advised us to adhere to these steps? We unquestionably didn’t review this process inside a textbook!

Why do lots of people intuitively comply with these measures while others do not know tips on how to strategy an unfamiliar type of technology (apart from, Most likely, by asking for assist)?

To reply the problem previously mentioned, I believe it does have a little something to try and do with our willingness to just take hazards. A few of us are okay with urgent buttons and we realise we will probably press many Mistaken buttons but that's all right.

Sir Ken Robinson is well known for referring to how schools get rid of creativeness and discourage risk having behaviour. He reminds us that,


All children start out their college careers with glowing imaginations, fertile minds, along with a willingness to choose pitfalls…



We stigmatize errors. And we’re now functioning nationwide educational devices in which mistakes tend to be the worst point you can also make — and The end result is the fact that we have been educating folks out in their Innovative capacities.

I know my very own 2 calendar year previous and four yr aged don't have any hesitation at all in urgent any button around the iPad to test to obtain where by they would like to go. Will this willingness to attempt to fall short past?


How can this humorous flowchart relate to education?

The writer of the flowchart jokes the diagram ought to be printed out for long run reference. Maybe this isn’t seriously a joke! Maybe extra specific training on a large scale is needed.

Let’s Permit others in on our ‘strategies’.

I’ve always been a huge advocate of ‘thinking aloud’ with my pupils when it comes to technological innovation.

When you’re making use of technological know-how using an viewers, it’s so easy only to faucet, tap, faucet so fast that srednja elektrotehnicka skola beograd no person can definitely see what you are executing.

Let’s make our incidental Finding out with technology a lot more express.

Whenever you’re employing a pc or other unit before (or with) students, have you been:


  • Doing the job gradually?

  • Requesting solutions of what to do and push?

  • Explicitly conveying what you are undertaking together with things like keyboard shortcuts, choosing on look for terms, working with inbound links etc?

  • Troubleshooting with each other and developing probable actions to test collaboratively, rather then just fixing items on your own (or getting another person to repair matters)?


Back in 2010, I reflected on this method in my classroom and began a list of real capabilities you could teach incidentally.

Previously mentioned all, encouraging a society where danger using is inspired and celebrated is very important in any classroom.


Are you really ‘tech savvy’?

A remaining thought involves brain and that's that Many people who others would say are relatively tech savvy, genuinely don’t experience like we are that excellent with technological innovation in the slightest degree.

George Couros published a publish a number of months again identified as ‘I'm not that superior with engineering and you most likely aren’t possibly’ A press release I concur with.

George says,


I by no means want to be deemed “tech savvy”, but I continually attempt being “Discovering savvy”.

This is a good way of taking a look at it. Possibly you don’t must be ‘wonderful with know-how’, you merely have to have to have an effective workflow and approach to troubleshooting to be able to find out what you will need.


Ultimate Feelings

Back again on the flowchart.

People of us who mentally observe these techniques on some amount have arrive at realise someplace together the road that:


  • Investigating and inquiring Some others are productive solutions for Discovering, having said that, This may be time-consuming and an ineffective starting point to generally rely upon.

  • Just aquiring a go generally is a very simple starting point which will generally be all you require. As well as you are feeling wonderful when you work one thing out!

  • Should your attempts fail, you will find Other people who are joyful that will help and it is an excellent concept to establish a community of people that you may collaborate with.

  • The world wide web is filled with tutorials and beneficial guidance. You just need to grasp where by to search out Whatever you’re trying to find.


Yet another fascinating question is: will the Thoughts from the flowchart constantly be a highly effective approach to working with technological know-how?

I’m unsure once the diagram was produced but I first found it in excess of seven years back. Curiously, tiny has altered since then concerning workflow, Regardless of the real technology switching a tad.

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